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Data Capture

Collection of data relating to mineral raw materials has been carried out through evaluation of questionnaires sent to the National Committees of member countries of the World Mining Congress as well as to other bodies such as Embassies, Foreign Trade Representatives etc. Other official mining statistics, where publically available, have also been used; for example, data produced by the British Geological Survey (World Mineral Statistics) and the USGS data sets have been very useful.

For the present publication the complete data set has been reviewed carefully. Despite a diligent search of all sources, there are some producing areas where data is unavailable. In such instances, careful estimates of production have been made.

Although data processing has been done automatically, the possibility exists of human error at the data entry stage. Since the data-base is being continuously updated the compilers would be grateful to learn of any corrections and additions that can be made.

Deadline: February 28, 2019

Data received later than February 28, 2019 will be implemented in the next edition of this report.

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